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     Organizing & De-cluttering

*Want to organize your garage?
*Are your sheets and towels all balled up in your linen closet?
*Always dreamed of an organized closet where everything has it's place?
*Have you accumulated too much "stuff" over the years and need help decluttering?
*Does your office need help?
*Need help filing or setting up your file cabinet?
Call Your Go 2 Girl!
-I LOVE turning chaos into an organized space!!
-Most of the time I can re-purpose items in your home for storage.
-I've found simple organizing trays and clear containers from the dollar store work great. I'd be happy to pick up any supplies needed and you can just reimburse me. 
Organization rate:
*Call for pricing*
Organization takes time so it's hard to give an exact estimate of how long it will take, but trust me you'll be happy with your results!! :-)
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